GR-WATER BASE TEXTILE INKS are high solids water based textile inks that are pre-mixed and ready to use. GR-WATER BASE TEXTILE INKS will stretch and retract easily. GR-WATER BASE TEXTILE INKS have excellent adhesion to a wide variety of substances such as spandex, leather, lycra, cotton/poly blends, and porous nylons. GR-WATER BASE TEXTILE INKS are fully washable and can be dry cleaned. GR-180 White is very opaque.


  • Curing: To provide maximum washability it is recommended that prints be cured through a conveyorized dryer with forced air for at least 1½ minutes at 350°F (177°C). GR-WATER BASE TEXTILE INKS can be air dried followed by hand ironing from the underside for 20 to 30 seconds at high setting.
  • Modifier: GR-WATER BASE TEXTILE INKS Clear Base may be used to extend colors.
  • Cleanup: Immediately after screen printing, wash the screen with warm water. For difficult spots, use Enviro Series 2000 Green.
  • Screen Mesh: 60-160/inch (24-64cm). Glitters require a coarse mesh of 25-30/inch (10-12cm). Pearls require a 60-80/inch (24-32cm) mesh.
  • Reducers: Using Reducers in GR-WATER BASE TEXTILE INKS is not recommended as much of the opacity is lost. If necessary a little water may be added.
  • Retarders: Aqua Life Retarder may be used in amounts of 5-10%. In extreme cases, up to 30% may be used.
  • Squeegee: 60-70 durometer squeegee is recommended.

Special Note: To prevent ink from drying too quickly, mix 5-10% Retarder in with the ink. If screen is left for long period of time, mix 10-20% Retarder with water and spray a mist over the image area. You may also place a plastic bag over to prevent freezing in. It is important not to let ink dry completely as washup is difficult.

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