Plastisol inks for cotton, Cotton blends, linen


SUNLAN PLASTISOL INKS is the range of plastisol inks with high colour strength and opacity designed to print on garments of cotton, cotton blends and linen


  • Excellent crock resistance and wash fastness
  • Brilliant colours with extra opacity – suitable for light as well as dark colour garments
  • Lead free, phthalate free – suitable for children’s garments
  • Suitable for direct and cold-peel transfer printing
  • Soft hand finish

Printing Conditions

  • Screen mesh -recommended 40 to 300 mesh/inch (18 to 120 mesh/cm) or finer mesh depending on the type of job
  • Squeeze – soft or medium hard polyurethane squeeze. For heat transfer, 90 to 150 mesh/inch (35 to 60 mesh/cm) gives the best result
  • Stencil -all solvent resistant stencil materials and stencil films are suitable

Curing Procedure

SUNLAN PLASTISOL INKS can be cured at 145-155 C for 2 to 3 minutes to achieve full wash fastness
Alternatively, the prints can be dried at 120 – 125 C for 8-12 seconds and the dried prints are to be fused/cured with transfer paper under desired pressure at 180-190 C for 10-15 seconds

Flash curing

The curing time required for flash curing depends upon the type and wavelength of the source and its distance from the print. The curing time also depends upon other factors such as fabric, ink colour, thickness of the ink film and the area of the print, etc


SUNLAN PLASTISOL INKS Matching System : Almost any shade can be matched by mixing the selective inks of the matching system which comprises of the basic shades as follows:

Product List

Tint Shades

By adding Extender Base SL – 755, the ink density can be reduced. The ink density can be increased by adding ink concentrates for the process colours in required proportion or by using a coarser mesh

Speciality Inks

Fluorescent Shades : Metallic Inks :

Technical Information on Speciality Inks can be made available on request.


SL-756 Reducer : SUNLAN PLASTISOL INKS are available with ready to print consistency. If necessary, Curable Reducer SL-756 can be added 2 to 3 % to the ink to reduce the viscosity. Always stir well ink to breakdown false body and to ascertain the actual viscosity prior to adding reducer
SL Gel Tack Reducer SL-713 : Can be added up to 5% to increase the viscosity of the ink Soft-hand Additive SL – 713 : Can be added 20-30 % to enhance the softness of the print Over Print Gloss Varnish SL – 7911 : For enhancing the gloss of the print

Important Note

  • It must be ensured that the entire thickness of the ink film is given enough time to reach the cure temperature to achieve the desired resistance properties
  • The cure schedule must be evaluated by testing the print for the desired wash schedule
  • Users should satisfy themselves for the compatibility of SUNLAN PLASTISOL INKS inks with specific fabrics and the desired resistance properties before commencing production run
  • Users should always test for curing, adhesion, crocking, wash-ability and other requirements before commencing production run
  • Prints may be ironed from the back of the fabric at cool setting, with a cloth over the printed area. Prints will not resist dry-cleaning and garments should be marked to this effect
  • Due to variation in the substrates and the ink film – thickness, slight colour variation from the actual ink shade is unavoidable

Material Safety Data Sheet is available on request


The Technical information sheet reflects the current state of our knowledge. This information is compiled based upon field experience and extensive laboratory testing. However, customers are requested to satisfy themselves that the products meet their requirements in all respects before starting a print run. Since the printing conditions are not under our control, no guarantee can be given for their performance.