7000 Series

Designed for nylon bags – Matt finish – PVC base ink with 100% opacity, excellent adhesion, flexibiity and rub resistance. (Drying method – Evaporation)

100 Series

Designed for polycarbonated, cab, acrylics – Gloss finish ink with fast drying, hard and flexible film suitable for vacuum forming. (Drying method – Evaporation)

1100 Series

Designed for untreated P.P. printing – Gloss finish ink – with fast drying and excellent adhesion on untreated rigid P.P. (Drying method – Evaporation)

1800 Series

Designed for pre-treated polyethelene and polypropylene, gloss finish – 2 pack inks having excellent adhesion.

1200 Series

Designed for transfer label printing, gloss finish ink wtih excellent flexibility for no-crack transfer with excellent adhesion. (Drying method – Evaporation)

800 Series

Suitable for plastic container printing, gloss finish ink, with excellent adhesion, hardness and abrasion resistance. (Drying method – Evaporation)