Our high quality products are results of years of research & innovation, developed with industry experts and requirements.


Sunlan Chemicals is one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of various printing inks in India. We combine extensive manufacturing experience, cost effectiveness and diligent quality control measures to provide highest quality printing ink.

Our company is based in Ahmedabad with a well equipped Manufacturing Facility and Research and Development division.

Having started 10 years ago in screen printing industry with extensive customer experience and a good study of the changing market demands we have consciously changed the company’s orbit from local to international markets.


Our vision is to provide printing inks with Excellent Printability – Easy to Print, Convenient to Handle / Environment Friendly – Complies to All Ecological norms / Affordable Pricing

Maintaining the balance and bridging the twin objectives of quality and price is the key to success. To make a quality product is no difficult task, but to get it at economical rates is what Sunlan Chemicals has been following on.


Excellent Printability

  • Easy to print
  • Convenient to handle

Environment Friendliness

  • Complies to all ecological norms

Affordable Pricing

  • Technology for all high quality inks in day to day printing

First time made in India
UV Foil Varnish

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