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New Product Launched
Sunlan Chemicals has developed a single - pack - glitter inks under PVC base for conventional printing purpose

Monday, 07 April 2008
New Production Unit
Sunlan Chemicals has moved into a new production unit with better R & D facilities

Monday, 07 April 2008
Sunlan Chemicals goes online
Sunlan chemicals has now gone online created by Bhavin Patel from Please contact him for any admisitration puporses on ...

Wednesday, 02 April 2008
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Having started 10 years ago in screen printing industry as traders, Sunlan Chemicals with customer experience and a good study of the changing market demands have consciously changed company's orbit from trading to manufacturing.

As customer satisfaction is the Motto of Sunlan chemicals, we along with printing inks also manufacture auxilaries inks screen washing chemicals.

Maintaining the balance and bridging the twin objectives of quality and price is the key to success. To make a quality product is no difficult task, but to get it at economical rates is what Sunlan Chemicals has been following on.

With our own retail counter in Ahmedabad. (Gujarat, India) we can relate to a printer easily and understand his requirements.

For a manufacturer to be aware of ground realities by being directly in touch with consumer is the biggest advantage Sunlan Chemical has.

Changing constantly according to the market demand has always been our Motto to fulfill this motto successfully and to tap the endless opportunities in the printing market by planning well in advance, our company has shifted into a well equipped manufacturing unit with better R&D facilities at outskirts of Ahmedabad (Gujarat, India)

Speciality Inks are the future in the coming days, printers will be aware enough to choose the printing inks according to result he has been looking for. So the days of 'one ink for all' are done with. Keeping these reasons in mind Sunlan Chemicals is into expansions along with innovations. So we will be in position to cater to all fortune requirements.